Delizie fatte a mano, esclusivamente con prodotti naturali e al cento per cento italiani, dolci tentazioni alle mandorle, firmate “La Galaverna” pronte a conquistarvi con sapori e profumi della tradizione varzese, per regalarvi un’emozione speciale.


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Our raw materials


We grow wheat directly on our land and choose to do it using the variety “Mantegna”,  traditional Italian wheat with low content of “force” (Gluten) and high digestibility, starting only from untreated seeds. The grinding takes place in an ancient stone mill in the Genoese Apennines on the Gramizza stream, a tributary of the river Aveto, where a family of millers with the only streight of water, slowly turns it into flour. With them we have intense collaboration that allows us to have both zero and semi-integral flours, both able to maintain all the peculiarities of our grain and make them a precious ingredient for Mandorlini and for cake “La Galaverna”.


We only use butter made with 100% Italian milk coming from selected and controlled farms in which farmers continue in spite of globalisation to produce milk with high and absolutely unique quality standards.

We have chosen to select only eggs from hens reared on ground and exclusively in Italian breeding, controlled at all stages of production and processing, to ensure a constant quality and high level of health to a product perfectly consistent with the quality standards of all our raw materials.


Our choice is to work only with sugar 100 % Italian of Italy Sugar, because it means rewarding a cooperative of farmers, like us, what day after day they choose to sow, collect and work beets in respect of territory and without compromise on quality.



Last heirs of a tradition our by the Saracen’s populations, we grow for years, on some hectares of corporate land, almond trees. We do it in high hill, a rather unusual altitude for this fruit plant, but where a microclimate influenced by sea currents from the Ligurian Sea, allows, albeit with a late flowering, to produce a fruit rich in iron and zinc fibers..
We provide for soil processing, almond management, collection and all stages that allow us to arrive at the finished product so that we can guarantee a fruit with high quality standards that maintain its unique and unmistakable characteristics.


We use only the essence of Sicilian lemons, which brings within our products that ancient, somewhat Arabian flavor, of which the whole island is pervaded.